VSE: Change Background from a colour to transparency


Im currently learning more how to edit stuff with the VSE to make my videos a bit better looking and to add some things. One thing i wanted to do is to add a tiny playing video in the corner of a bigger video, that worked well and i made it to play the one strip over the other. The small video has a white background (pure colour) and i want it to be transparent. how can I do that in the vse? is there a way to change a specific colour (or area) of a video to transparent?
beeing white or any other colour, just in general

No there is no luma keyer (brightness remover) or chroma keyer (color remover) in the VSE you have to use the compositor.

You could use a copy of the image or video you want to key and change its contrast and color to B&W, then mute it and use this as a Mask to perform the key. But the quality may not be as good as you like.

oh alright, thanks for that infos…that sucks ofc but you cant change it. is there a good tutorial or thread for making a special colour transparent via compositor? I dont really have experience with that