VSE Color Generator, NKey = Strip Properties - doesn't work!

I am new to the VSE (Video Sequence Editor.) I am a committed user of Blender and have been using it for about 2 years now.

About VSE: I was reading online about using Blender as a non-linear video editor, and so I was quite interested in checking it out. But I ran across a small problem: when trying to create a fade, the color generator was set to gray and I couldn’t get it to change to black.

My simple test project is this: avi video file, (imported as Movie, so there is no audio,) Color Generator, and a Gamma Cross.

I read online you are supposed to use the [N] key, (as is a usual function for object properties, so it makes sense,) but when I hit [N], nothing happened. I have looked through the menus and still have not found out how to change the Color Generator strip effect to black.

Thanks, God bless,


Editing strip parameters now happens in the buttons window: look for a button with a little film strip in the header.

Personally, I like the new capabilities of the strip editor. There are more options in 2.46, so I guess they needed the space. I especially like the ability to reload a strip while I work.

Thanks, CubOfJudahsLion! Like it often happens I found out where to change the color shortly after I posted my plea! Thanks a lot! God bless.

P.S. I am glad there are new capabilities to 2.46! I am looking forward to using the pose libraries, etc. Can you process green screen footage in Blender? (cut out the green screen)? Thanks

Yes, you can. Thank you to the above poster for helping me with the Color Generator, and to the original poster: you must use the Node Editor and insert a Chroma Key or other type of color node and fiddle with the settings to achieve a green screen effect, but yes, it can be done. Isn’t Blender amazing?

You can do green screen work directly in the VSE if you download and install the green screen plug-in from here:


Works pretty well. Though if you have marginal or hard-to-key footage, building your own keyer in the compositor is the way to go.