VSE Crossfade clips

Tre crossfade effect in blender vse has too many operations for me:
-move 2nd video to another channel
-add “Cross” effect btw 1 and 2
–move 2nd audio to another channel
-animate volume effect btw 1 and 2

Is there a simple way to do that?

Thank you

Only to keyframe opacity(?) of a strip that is set to alpha over, and is placed above the previous shot.

You have to remember that Blenders VSE is first and foremost an animation editor. So it expects you to produce and lock the audio, not perform audio mixing in the timeline. Sadly performing a meta strip (combining strips into one strip) will not allow you to affect the audio inside.

The Sequencer addon, extra tools (I think), allows you to automate a fade function to multiple strips at once so you could select video and audio then perform this fade function.

Thank you!
That’s sadly, there is no in blender vse quick crossfade curves on clips/pieces like in ardour or vegas.

No there isn’t (automated cross fades). You have to remember that Blender is not geared towards automation of tasks. You mostly have to build it yourself or write an addon to do it for you. I guess the developers have a finite amount of time to spend on writing code. So they spend it bug squashing and writing new features (mostly for 3D). As the VSE is not core architecture it doesn’t attract the love we would like. Oh well.

Yes, i am agree.
Waiting for new features from soc/vse branch!