[VSE] Easy-logging 2.0

Hi everyone,

For Blender Video Sequence Editor : Easy-logging 2.0
This add-on offers de-rushing and logging functionnalites to the video sequencer. It drastically improves the editing workflow and keep footage organized (tag system).

Easy-logging also comes with the shuffle script, for parametric video editing.

Download, info and manual : www.easy-logging.net

What’s new : the 2.0 is a completely re-written version of the old easy-logging. Following David McSween (3PointEdit) ideas, it lets you add as many tags as you want on a single clip. Also the metadata is saved outside blender which makes it available in all your projects. It’s also made to be shared with a team, regardless of their OS and footage structure.

A big thank you to David McSween and Spirou4D for - basically - all the ideas, feedback, tests and cheerfulness.

Wow what a powerful tool for the VSE! And presented in a professional manner. Let’s hope that all addons can be released this way. At last metdata for all of your edits.

Hi @Nikos1,

Excellent work, your “remastered” release is really effective and VSE needs more useful add-ons like yours.
I hope that the team of Amsterdam will your initiative to revive a focus on the characteristics of VSE in the future because of r2.75, this area is somewhat forgotten in view of the rest …
Congratulations and good week.
bye bye

Said it on G+ and I say it again here, great addon and awesome presentation. I love it!

Thank you so much, guys !
I also think that having everything on a same page is more convenient. Going back and forth between the wiki, youtube, github and blenderArtists can be tricky for users and discouraging for newcomers.

Spirou, I agree so much !! Poor VSE has a great potential but somehow keeps being forgotten.

Great work!!!

Thank You!
Maybe now I can start using Blender for some serious editing.
Exceptional presentation by the way.

@SunBurn : thanks, that’s very kind!
That’s right, wihtout the basic tools to de-rush the footage, VSE can’t even compete with an average NLE. With this addon, or any other that does the same job, you are good to go for serious project and will discover an unbelievable versatility. I edited full length tv documentaries using Easy-logging and VSE. The workflow is fantastic!

I’ve an error… :frowning: edit: when I press “Edit clip” button on Linux Xubuntu 12.04

edit: on Windows work fine. :yes:

Another problem:
Without addon loaded the CPU is at 14%, with addon loaded is 46%. See images.

edit: Same problem in Windows.

Hello! I just installed Easy Logging, and it seems to be a wonderful addon! However, I’m having some FPS drop issues. This issue is rendering this plugin unusable for me.

I am running a Core i7-5500 @ 2.40GHz, nVidia Geforce 840M running the Nouveau driver, and 8GB RAM. I am running Antergos Linux, and everything is up to date.

I wonder if there is any solution to this - some settings I am missing or so?

With love,

Use nVidia driver, is better than Nouveau.

Hi everybody, thanks for helping !!

@fr33d0m70, this first issue is fixed. That was a linux-related thing… If you still have the problem you can either redownload the add-on or just ‘create a new log file’ from the menu.

About the cpu fever, wow … how did I missed that? edit : I found the buggy line. I’ll correct it tomorrow.
fraktal : Could you be more precise on the issue you are facing ? I don’t have any FPS drop and that shouldn’t happen. Thanks !

I did my best to cool down the CPU intensive activity (caused by the colored header, which are updated a 30/s) by 50%. So now, it shouldn’t be to much of an issue. But, I am still searching for an alternative.


Now work perfectly… a beer for you! :wink:
The problem now is after the place of a strip:
I’ve a timeline with n strips placed, an insert point (vertical green line) and a scale factor to show the timeline. When I select a movie and push “Edit clip” the scene change in “Editing table” and the timeline contain only the strip of the movie selected with a zoom factor that show the entire strip. When I push “Place” the scene return to “Main” but the timeline scale factor don’t change, timeline start at frame 0 and is not centered on new strip placed.
I hope I explained myself… :confused:

Yes I found the same issue. It would be nice if the master edit display could centre on the new clip. Also centered vertically on the strip as it can get pushed up or down if you place it at the same location as another strip.

EDIT: and although I haven’t updated to the new version, I thought that the compositor was broken. I noticed that Easy Logger was doing weird things to memory and stopping Comp refresh from happening. Disabled addon and problem resolved. It wasn’t even doing anything VSE related.

Hi ! Thank you @fr33d0m70 !
So, I changed the code to keep the original zoom factor of the main timeline after we place something. Unfortunately the python API of Blender doesn’t provide any function to adjust the display of the timeline horizontally or vertically. I may and hope to be wrong though. I’ll investigate.

3pointEdit : mh… the comp works fine for me and I am not experiencing memory leaks. The new version may have corrected these “inconveniences”.

For reference : Mac OS 10.9.5
Blender 2.74
CPU : blender 3.3% (3.1% without easy-logging)
Memory : blender 650 Mo (same without easy-logging)

Could you Place the new clip then perform a “sequencer.view_selected” which is default Numberpad “period” key? That would snap view to the currently selected object.

This is what the previous version of the script was supposed to do but, somehow, the call to this function seems broken. It’s on my 'to-investigate-thoroughly" list. Also, the function zooms on your general timeline, is it a good option ? I am wondering…

The “Zoom Selected” or “Zoom Cursor” commands in VSEQuickFunctions addon use the “sequencer.view_selected” function, you can see those.