VSE Feature request, or Cry in the dark

Issue 1.
Just trying to put together a simple slide show of still photos. And find that i can’t easily import a range of images at a set duration. Groups of frames always come in as a frame sequence, meaning 1 image per frame. No good for me I want at least 2 secs per image! Sure I can split a Seq. Strip into its frames but they end up being 1 image per frame too.

The work around was to drag in each image seperately, tedious. So it would be good to be able to define the import duration of sequence images.

Issue 2.
I can’t see what each image is unless I scrub over it.

Why can’t I see the Strip name (which I can change) reflected in the timeline? I can do that to a Meta Strip, and that’s the work around for images…


…thats not much good for audio. I like to see the great new waveforms, however making Audio Strips Meta kills the waveform.
Workaround, add some markers and rename them. Like this

Which leads me to;

Issue 3.
Why are marker names overlayed on each other? Makes it rather hard to read when zoomed out, would be great if they could stagger themselves vertically (or checkerboard) when they crash into each other.

And speaking of markers…

Issue 4.
Wouldn’t it be terrific if we could add markers to Strips, to indicate additional metadata, like story info or performance details etc. Stuff you want to identify at a particular point in a strip.

Is there any way to search marker names in the timeline? Even a simple text search string would be nifty, better yet a list search like the regular space bar tool.

Finaly, where would I pose these suggestions, as I expect that User forums like this is really just shouting at a wall.

BTW, I love Blender’s VSE it really is the most flexible tool I use.

issue 1:
add your image sequence

grab the right handle of the img seq strip and move it over to the total desired length duration (eg 5 images for 2 sec each @30fps would be frame 300)

add speed effect to img seq strip -make sure “stretch to strip length” box is checked (should be default)

Oh right thanks for that, however I am trying to use the individual frames, not neccassarily in order or even that same length. But cool idea none the less.