VSE frame rate/sound problems

I have a .wmv video at 29.97 fps that I have composited and rendered at 24 fps as PNGs. However, when I use the VSE to add the audio track (ripped from the video) back in, the lengths of the image sequence and the sound file don’t match up.

What’s going on? How can I sync the image sequence with the audio? Do I have to keep the frame rate at 29.97 fps?

Not sure if this is the answer, but the 24fps version of 29.97 is actually 23.976 fps.

Why would they be in sync when the sequence is trying to jam the audio into the playback speed of 24fps but there are >5 extra frames per second to play back? Have you sped up the frames on export to make them shorter?

I fixed the problem. I simply had to set the frame rate to 30/1.001 before I added the sound strip.