VSE Help Please!

OK: I give up. I want to join together several (unrendered) scenes, and thought the VSE would be the way to go. So say for example I have an explosion 250 frames long in scene 1. Copy this to a new scene, call it scene 2. In the VSE, add scene 1 so it starts at frame 1, then add scene 2 so it starts at frame 251. I would have thought that dragging the green frame indicator bar in the VSE from frame 1 to 500 would result in scene 1 being played in the 3D window, followed (at frame 251) by scene 2, ie I’d get 2 explosions, one after the other. But all that happens is that scene 1 plays, then nothing. I’ve tried adding the strips, making a meta strip, turning Animation to Do Sequence etc etc as per the manual, but to no avail. All advice would be very welcome! Thanks in advance, Clive.

hi. I’ll try to help. When you add a VSE Scene, Blender renders that scene for the frames specified, but something has to be happening in that scene during that timeframe. So, if you have animated the scene to have the explosion happening during frames 1-250, and nothing going on after that, rendering the scene at frame 400 will not show anything happening. Think of the VSE Scene strip as a way to get snippets of a videotape shot by a cameraman during the day. If you add a VSE Scene strip and then move it, you are sliding the time-of-day window (frame start-end) when it will render, like changing the Sta: and End: in the Anim panel.

Your solution is to either: render the video out to a video strip as Images or Movie, and then add that strip many times; the explosion will then repeat since you are just duplicating the playback of the movie, OR duplicate your Ipo/etc animation curves so that the explosions repeat, say, running three times for three explosions, and then your VSE Scene strips will film the explosions happening.

You want to repeat the explosion animation curves if you want them filmed from different camera angles; thus the camera can be in a different position at frame 400 than at frame 150. You want to loop the 250-frame video Scene if the camera is at the same place at frame 250 as frame 1, so that the loop seamlessly repeats - otherwise you get a Max Headroom kind of stutter. (Usually the quick workaround for that is to Reverse the Frame rendering for the second strip, although in your case the explosion would then look like an implosion).

The overriding problem with having three explosions back-to-back is restoring the thing that is exploding…after it blows up the first time…how does it get back there so it can be blown up again? But, I have seen SFX cheats where like fire just gushes out of a building, or a tank barrel, that kind of explosion, where it is non-destructive.

Many thanks for the detailed advice: I played around with it some more following your suggestions, and it turns out that it will indeed render scenes as I’d hoped. But it won’t show them in the 3D window, which will only show one scene: I couldn’t find a ‘composite view’ which would show the entire sequence as a wireframe. This is a pain for me, as my computer is old and slow (like me, really) so won’t scrub without hanging unless I’m in wireframe. But at least I can combine scenes now - thanks!

click DoSequence and the render window will show the VSE output.

Wireframe is a material setting; set for each object and then turn it off when you have the animation result you want.

Got it: thanks!