VSE ideas on Blenderstorm(videoediting) & Vector scope color correction tip

I have been trying to edit a wedding video with Blender. Because to make a long story short I don’t have a better option.

I think that a few little changes could help the vse allot.
I posted them on Blenderstorm so feel free to vote… If you like them.


I think that the color correction could easily be improved.
Oh found that using color picker + vector scope + inv works great for balancing colors.
Simple work flow.

  1. Look at your video in the vector scope. See where the colors are peaking towards ex. red
  2. From the VSE color corrector select one(low,mid,high) colors and sample the color most of the graph is leaning towards in the vector scope. Tone this down towards white. And select INV
  3. You vector scope and scene to see if its a fix

I’ve been also using blender to edit footage from my Nikon D90.Lots of potential as a free functioning editor Blender is.
These tips sound great.Going to try them out.