VSE Image Sequence

I want to import an image sequence so I added Image Strip. How to easily select all images in File/open window? I have thousands of images so selecting with mouse is hard.

Like elsewhere in blender, press A to select/deselect everything in your current context.

Or if you have multiple version in the same folder you can select by wildcard.


Say you only want Shot2, then in the filename window enter “Shot2_****.jpg”, Blender will automatically select all the images that start with Shot2_ and fill in the * with numbers. Just be sure you have the view sorted alphabetically or by date created.

umm… if your using a wildcard match like that it shouldnt matter how the view is sorted, since its working at a level below what its showing on the screen.

The wildcard just selects what is in the folder list view window, if that window isn’t sorted then the order is wrong. I don’t think there is a item list generated by the wildcard other than the list view.

It tripped me up a couple times so thats what I guess is going on anyway. Try it, let me know what result you get.

Selecting with “a” and wildcard worked very well.
The images came from security cameras system and looks like this:
I am glad that Blender can read these in correct sequence. Adobe Premiere was not able to recognize this as an image sequence.

Yay Blender!

The free-for-noncommersial-use image browsing software Xnview (http://www.xnview.com/) has some handy functionality for batch-renaming files (right click a folder/file list->batch rename).
Some parts of Blender can be rather more picky about naming conventions.