VSE - images sequence to .mov

Hi all,
I have rendered a sequence of images in png format. Now I want to turn it into an animation by using the VSE and I have set the output to Quicktime with the H.264 codec. All good so far, animation is rendered. But when I take a look to the animation, at some points it “stalks” a litlle bit, in other words it seems like the animation is interrupted for a split of a second. I tried to change the bitrate in the codec up and down but no difference at all :frowning:
Wich other options will solve this problem … Any suggestions what else I can try ?


The first thing I would try is a different player. I’ve had several instances where the Quicktime player performed poorly, but other players worked fine.

Even in VLC the result is the same :frowning:

Here you van see an example (30mb) @ 25%