VSE Multithreaded Render with Power Sequencer

Hi there,
I am trying to figure it out, but no success. There are some old tutorials out there how to install and use Power Sequencer for multithreaded render, but since this add-on is in master I don’t know how to get it work. I have a desktop, Linux Mint 20.1, blender 2.93.5, Ryzen x3900 CPU.

Any further settings needed?

I was using Parallel Render add-on before, but with the current blender version it does not concatenate all parts together.

You might see no difference since you are supplying the same ffmpeg instance that ‘is already in the system path’

Thank you Felix.
Ok, but what should I do now? How to get different version of ffmpeg or different path to ffmpeg alongside ffmpeg that is already installed?

Install another one somewhere on your system and point to that.

Thank you
This should be it…

Ctrl+F12 does not render multithreaded, any further steps needed or any other way to run it?

according to a quick google search as of 2014 ffmpeg should use an optimal number of threads by default so I’m not sure you will see a improvement in performance from this anyways.

Rendering with the Parallel Render add-on, it renders multithreaded fully using all cpu cores, but it has an issue with concatenate all parts together. So ffmpeg is working as intended, but not with the Power Seq. add-on.

I can’t find any info, what solutions for VSE multithreaded rendering are using other blender 2.9x - VSE users?

I think your question might fit better in compositing and post processing category and get more relevant views there.

Ok, thank you Felix.
I will try in compositing and post processing category.