VSE problem with graph editor on fade in

I have titles to fade in on a video strip.
Lowest track is the video strip.
On the track above I have an image strip with the title on a transparent background (png).
On the track above I have an alpha over effect strip.
Key framing opacity on the image or effect strip does not give the effect I want. I want the title coming up slowly.

Any tips ?


You should just need to keyframe the opacity of the titles strip to make them fade in as slowly as you want depending on the position of the keyframes.
You say it doesn’t give the effect you want. What effect do you have and exactly what effect do you want. What I’ve said above can make the tittle fade as fast or as slow as you need

Thanks for your reply.

Only key framing the titles strip from opacity 0 to opacity 1 gives me the underlaying video without title letters (opacity 0) to a black background with my title letters at opacity 1 (so no underlaying video visible when the title letters are on).
Applying an ‘alpha over’ effect gives my title letters on the underlaying video for opacity 0 to opacity 1. So the effect strip seems to neglect the keyframed opacity of the title strip.

What I want is that the underlaying video is all the time visible and that the title letters appear slowly over the time I define with key framing.

Here’s a quick example of a title fading in over a background image.
Final render: fade.mp4
Blend file and assets: fade.zip
This has a transform effect strip applied to the titles to position and scale them. The opacity of this transform strip is then keyframed.

Thanks a lot for solving my problem ! Thank you for your fast reactions !
The transform effect strip with opacity key framed solves indeed the problem.