VSE Proxy Questions

I’ve been away from Blender’s VSE for a couple of months and am curious about the status of using proxies within the VSE.

It looks like we can still use them, but we’ve lost the “one-button” solution for creating them. Is that right?

Do they still switch out automatically when you go back to a full-size output, or do they need to be switched off manually for each clip?

Finally, how, exactly, do you set up the proxies? I’ve tried several permutations of paths, and can’t seem to make it work. Does it still need the “BL_proxy”->“Clipname”->“Proxy Size” structure, or can you just point at a folder full of images?

I’d appreciate any answers, even if it’s just a link to some documentation.


Presuming that you’re referring to 2.5x, I think that proxies are one of the remaining broken features. Last time I checked it wasn’t functioning -or to be more precise I couldn’t get it to work.
It used to be a single click in the 2.49x series. It looks as if it is more customizable (proxy dir and file) but it ain’t working.

Thanks, blendercomp. Yeah, I was talking about 2.5. Good to know that it’s broken at the moment. I’ll quit messing with it and just keep an eye on the commit log to see when it gets fixed.

Mawilson, if you use any of the latest builds video editing in full HD is super fast. Normally one would have to wait for a second or two for the preview image to show but recent testing with a NASA HD video shows that preview update is almost instant and even realtime playback is utterly smooth (on a dual core laptop with 4 GB ram with ext4 filesystem that is).
So you don’t really need proxies if you’re editing full HD video. You aren’t working with 2K, are you?

No, nothing like that; just normal video. However, my current interest is in very portable shooting/editing systems. For example, editing on a netbook. Proxies are a requirement when you go that low. Not really a big deal. 2.48 works well (with proxies)

—Hi everyone, especially Mawilson! Don’t know if you recall of this

I am trying to video-edit again via nodes in Blender (for color correction, that is) and it seems it does not work anymore…No proxy thumbs are generated, instead black ones come out. Thus the preview flow in the VSE is jerky and not an option to work with.

As I read this thread, it seems that Proxy engine in Blender VSE seems to be somehow unreliable in the last versions.

Should I revert back to 2.38 in order to color-correct via nodes and proxy?

Thanks for a quick response. Regards.

At this point, I wouldn’t try to use 2.5 for anything other than messing around and trying out the new interface. Personally, I’m doing my video editing in the 2.4x series.