VSE: Remove / Rename linked scenes

As I understand it, the way to link a existing Blender scene in your Blender video project, is to drag the .blend file onto the timeline, choose “Link”, then in the popup, click into the Scenes folder and double click the “Scene” file. Then, click Add, Strip, Scene, and choose one of the linked scenes.

Trouble is, I’ve done this a few time as I’ve updated my scenes, and whenever I add a “Scene” strip, I have to choose from multiple Scene objects all named “Scene” and I have to guess which one is which.

Some I don’t need anymore. Others I would like to rename so I know what they are. How can I do this?


Can you not rename them in the Properties (N) panel? Maybe you should consider naming your scenes in the linked files (by descriptive name? by date? by both?) and relink them.

Thanks for the reply! I thought of that but I can’t see where to rename the scene, even in the original file that I’m linking to. Searching the net for “blender rename scene” still doesn’t turn up any info on how to rename a scene.

I would imagine in the outliner the “scene” would be the top node and I would just rename it there, but the top node is called a “Scene Collection” and has no option to rename it.

This is the popup menu I get when I right click on “Scene Collection”

No, don’t right-click anything. See where it says “Scene”? Click that. It should highlight and you can rename it from there.

Ah thanks, that worked :slight_smile: would never have thought to use that.

But before I mark the solution; Is there any way to rename the existing scene selection (shown in my first screenshot) or do I have to re-link them all and change the source scene of my existing scene strips?

If I must re-link them, then how do I get rid of the old entries so they don’t add to the clutter? (I still have Scene, Scene, Scene, etc. in the list as in the first screenshot)

Linked scenes apparently don’t allow renaming (and rightly so…they’re linked!). You’re going to have to rename your scenes in the original files and relink. Live and learn.

When you finally rename and relink, don’t worry about the already-linked scenes as when you finally save your file, upon reopening Blender will have auto-eliminated them.

Ah I see :slight_smile: OK thank you. It’s certainly workable once you understand what’s going on.