VSE - speed control

I’m using the speed control as referenced in the wiki here:

But I do exactly as it says in order to prevent “motion from freeezing.” I place the new frames with action directly under it but they are not being displayed, it just keeps playing the frozen frames… Am I doing something wrong?

I forgot to mention that I’m using an IPO curve to control the speed. Dunno how this might matter.

EDIT: it doesn’t matter actually, I’ve tried it with the ‘use IPO as velocity’ button as off.

Does anyone know if this might be a 2.43 bug??? I don’t have 2.44 on this machine. And this makes absolutely no sense.

Well, I don’t know why it isn’t working like the wiki says it should, but I found a work around. Just make the speed control and the strip it affects into a meta strip. Then things work fine.