VSE Strip Properties Not Displayed

I m trying to change the speed on an strip of the VSE but when i hit the N-key nothing happens, and i do not have the option to acced to it en the header of the vse window; is it a bug? :eek: or is there something i m missing?

No bug, the properties moved to the buttons window. Press F10 twice to bring up the VSE options.

hey you are like a god (or an evil!) DichotomyMath! allways there when i need u :slight_smile:
and ¿how do i change the speed with that options? i mean, i add —>Effect----> Speed Control effect and form there i dunno watta do, there is a new strip and that´s all. really lost here

With the Speed control strip selected, you should either be able to adjust the Global time in the buttons window, or you can open an IPO window, set the IPO type to VSE and add a curve to control the Speed strip. That is about all I know, I don’t use the VSE that much.

Speed control, and using an ipo to control it: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/VSE_Built-in_Effects#Speed_Control_Built-in_Effect

Thanx guys, now i know how to manipulate the times in the VSE!!! Of course, it is always better to be able to manipulate it at the moment of animating, but i guess that requiers a lot of practice.
c ya and thnx again!

Wow, thanks too! I’ve learned a lot while reading your posts. Thanks.

pablow: “hey you are like a god (or an evil!) DichotomyMath! allways there when i need u”

hahahaha! that was funny! haha! :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys.