VSE strip selection and export audio.

Hi all,

Is it possible to export the audio of a strip with python? I hava assigned ipo volume curves to it, and I want the resulting .wav file. I could use the mixdown button, but I need to do this for a batch process.

Other question I have is if it is possible to reference to a existing strip in a secuence. I cannot find examples of this, the only ones I see always deal with the active sequence and creation of new strips in a sequence. Again, I need to do some batch processing in the videos, and I cannot open the files for selecting the audio strips, and export them.

Sorry if these are easy examples, but I have been looking in the forums, wiki, etc, and cannot find anything. Thanks in advance.

Anyone? I have asked the question also in the IRC channels, and still got no answer. My python skills are not very up to date, but I only need a little hint about where to look for this. I will appreciate any comments.

Thanks in advance.