VSE Strips to Nodes???

Is there a way to import VSE strips directly to the Node compositor, or vice versa from compositor to VSE strips?

I’ve been editing some video, and right now I have to export an image sequence or video to the compositor from the vse, apply my effects then export again, and finally re-import back into the vse so I can finally export with sound.

Set up a scene with your sequence in the Compositor and add this scene in the Sequence Editor.
This is the only direction for the moment as far as I know.
But if you render your composite first, you will have more fun working with the VSE,
You would not like to wait for the compositor for each frame.

Patel’s correct. There is no way to go Sequencer->Compositor, although that would be great. As it stands, the compositor exists “inside” the renderer, while the Sequencer is the outer-most layer of the whole pipeline. Also, if you want to do the technique Patel suggested and pipe the compositor result from one scene into a scene strip, I think you will need to a camera to the 3D view of the compositing scene, even if there is nothing there to render in 3D (i.e., it is compositing only). Otherwise, the renderer won’t be triggered for that scene.

The way to go from the Sequencer to the Compositor is through a file store. Have one scene “Do Sequence” and output to an image sequence or mov/avi file. Then, in another scene, “Do Composite” and using an image input node to read in the image sequence or mov/avi file.