VSE text

Greetings all,

Currently I am looking for the best way to put some text in the VSE, mainly for comments reasons. Do you guys know any text generator/effects plugin for VSE which would allow me to do similar thing. If not could you give me any directions where should I look for any python samples for accesing VSE class to write my own effects in VSE? I know python a little bit but haven’t tried to work with blender yet.

Thank for any help

PS.If anyone is interested my workaround for bringing text to VSE is to have each block of text in seperate 3D scene and bring it using scene generator in VSE. Works fine but has some major issues: it is slow to update and difficult to edit, but at least works :slight_smile:


just wrote this for you. good faq. uses SVN 2.46, but principle is the same for 2.45. Not python/plugin, just vse. in text object you can import a text file.