VSE tip for color correction

If you have wondered what the color balance properties of a strip do, check out my latest blog entry.

There is no boring video this time just easy to read pictures :eek: Anyway I wish we had at least the same color correction tool that the nodes have but alas that doesn’t seem to be the case (even though they look reeeeeaaaalllyyy similar).

3point thanx for sharing another interesting blog post.
You say that “if you try the same modifications using the color balance node the results differ a lot.” This is really news for me because I assumed that applying an effect to an adjustment layer would invariably lead to the same result as applying an effect to the strip itself! How is that even possible in the first place and most importantly why? Is it related to the opacity of the adjustment layer strip?
Will test this and get back to you.

I said “node”, as the compositing tool’s colour correction produces different results, as it functions differently to the vse colour correction tool. And it’s slower too.

I really gotta stop reading and posting before going to bed as it seriously obscures my understanding of whatever I read and post! :0

Wha… you woke me up to tell me that?

from the looks of it, yes! :slight_smile: