VSE to disk

I’ve completed my short film, and have assembled all my scenes in the VSE, now how do I transfer it onto a disk which I will be able to play on another computer? This other computer does not have Blender.

If I’ve understood you correctly, just render out to FFmpeg format in your render buttons. That movie can then be played on any computer.

thanks, now , how do i put it on a disk? i’m new at this by the way

For computer playback the disk doesn’t need any specific structure (like a DVD would). Just use your normal disk burning software and treat your Blender-generated movie just like any other file.

Alternatively, just drag-and-drop it on to a flash drive.

You want to enable “Do Sequence” and render out the ANIMation to a Quicktime movie or AVI. If you have sound, you want to select the FFMPEG container. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Rendering_Animations