VSE Transform tool

(3pointEdit) #21

Is the transform tool concept (GUI interactive positioning) possible to implement in compositor, perhaps using UV/Image viewer?

(kgeogeo) #22

I have work to make the selection in the preview area.
left mouse and shift left mouse work.
DoubleZ have work to make the grab better.http://www.pasteall.org/39799/python

(kgeogeo) #23

So we have made the rotate and scale strip more intuitive.
Incremente the angle 5 to 5 with ctrl pressed.
And selection in the preview is a lot better (always a few bugs)http://www.pasteall.org/39811/python

(kgeogeo) #24

Most recent addon in the first post
A few bug solve

(3pointEdit) #25

Thankyou. Would you mind editing the text on the first page, to show when the script is updated? Otherwise new people to the thread may find it hard to understand where the latest update is.

So awesome kgeogeo!

(3pointEdit) #26

kgeogeo, I love the right mouse button selection in the preview window. I get this draw error when the preview is not centered on screen. Also i notice that the overlay does not draw at all when zoomed in to far (no black off screen border) over 100%.

Would it be possible to draw a different color for each transform strip when you select, perhaps up to 16? So you have some idea which is the one you have clicked, when there are many next to each other.

Otherwise could you perform a boolean to cut a hole of any overlaying transform strip?

(3pointEdit) #27

Also could you alter any newly made transform’s first blend type, to “alpha over”? At the moment it is just blend type “Cross” and isn’t much use for overlaying the effect.

(kgeogeo) #28

I know that for the draw problem I try to solve but it’s hard.
For the the Transform effect, it take the same parameter as le strip.
If your strip is set to alpha over, the tranform will take that into account and copy this parameter in the transform effect.
Isn’t it?
For the selection we will add the alt + MB shortcut, it will show a popup menu whith a list of strip under the mouse.

(3pointEdit) #29

I’m not sure I agree. You would be promoting a strip to a new state, requiring alpha over be turned on to scale it. But it would not start this way. But I understand your reasoning, to copy original state.

(eXKR) #30

Great addon kgeogeo!

What’s about implementing a 2D manipulator (gizmo) so that you can just select and then drag the video layer?
It would be great to use it as the regular 3D manipulator where if you just pick up an axe you are blocked in that direction…

PS - I love the 3D manipulator and also would love to see it in the UV/image editor as well, hehehe

(kgeogeo) #31

It’s not a problem for me, if you want always an alpha over blend type I just do it.
But I’ve thought that the guy setup the strips and after press T.

(kgeogeo) #32

I’ve figured out the draw bug.
It was very easy actually

(kgeogeo) #33

a lot of improvement.
ALPHA OVER is now automatic when we add transform channel.
Some display feature.

(solmil) #34

Hi there,

I’m a bit of a novice using the VSE for video editing for a music video, and your script is exactly what I have been looking for.

I would very much appreciate instructions on how to install it correctly in Blender 2.6.0 r53177M

I tried copying your script from https://dl.dropbox.com/u/81245033/VSE_Transform_Tool.py

to a text file VSE_Transform_Tool.py on my iMac and PC

And then using the Blender User Preference Addons Install from File.

It seems to accept the script but there is no feedback from Blender whether the operation was successful or not, nor does the script appear in the Addons!

H E L P !

With many thanks,


(solmil) #35

Hi there,

I believe I now have the correct script from the link in the first post. Thank you.
I have named it VSE_Transform_tool.py
I have placed it carefully in many places including for windows:
C:\Users\Sol.LOVE\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.65\scripts\addons
C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.65\scripts\addons
which are standard directories made by the Blender install on Windows 7.
I have also tried to install from file in User Preferences Addons
The script/addon still does not show anywhere, at all, particularly on the Addon tab of User Preferences.

Can anyone please help me to install this script/addon correctly.

I just cannot get the script to show in Blender 2.6.5 r53189
Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I would really like to use this script in my project.
With many thanks,
solmillin at gmail dot com

(3pointEdit) #36

Try changing Blender from default layout to script mode.
Then click the New text block button at the bottom of the text page.
Then go to menu Text / Open text block, the script file wherever you have saved it.
Once it is loaded click the Register script (to add it to addons) then Run Script.

When running the script doesn’t appear anywhere, make a strip active in timeline. Then press t key, which adds a transform effect. In preview window you can right click to select image to alter then press G or S or R to drag, scale or rotate etc.

(solmil) #37

Wow! It works! Thanks so much 3pointEdit. Much appreciated. Fantastic script. Do I need to do anything further to make sure it’s always there in the future? Or will it automatically load with my saved .blend file.

I loaded it into 2.66 which I’ve just downloaded, and it seems to run ok in 2.66

(3pointEdit) #38

kgeogeo, I am not getting an alpha blend type on the Transorm strip? I have looked through the script and see the line 73 sets blend type. But Transform strip remains as Cross type.

Also is it possible to print a tool tip or key modifier suggestion at the bottom of preview screen? As the script has no interface it would be hard for a user to know what keys perform what function.

(3pointEdit) #39

Kgeogeo, I get another draw error when I duplicate a previous Transform strip. That is, make a clone of a shrunken image. When I right click on the new strip I get a red rectangle of the original size, not the new smaller dimensions.

This may be due to making a duplicate of a transform. Best practice should be to create an original Transform effect from source video instead of a cascade.

(kgeogeo) #40

all the strip transform are create with alpha over, but not the first one, becouse if it is you can change the alpha value.
Try if you want to set the first transform effect to alpha over, and change alpha value, it does nothing.

For the draw error, I calculate the bound square from location scale rotation of the strip effect, but when you have to stransform channel, iit duplicate that and I don’t take that into account.
Why do you want to use more than one transform effect pre strip??
If it can happen many time I can try to solve.