VSE used for short sport video, slo-mos and stabilising.

So all those tutorials I made recently were applied to this:

I used the VSE to edit stabilise and make slo mos in this video of my kids Aikido demonstration event. I used particles for the titles.



I didn’t do much with audio other than meta some loops of music together. I notice to that meta strips of audio don’t show the waveform any more, so I added lots of markers to the timeline to show beats of drums. Allowing me to sync up another peice of audio at the start.

Great opening.
Do you use 2D stabilization in 0:16~0:26?

Yes that was a Blender tracker stabilized shot as per the recent tutorial that I made. Sadly the shot lost a lot of resolution due to shooting 720p on my Canon DSLR. In this mode it is full of aliasing (stair stepping on edges). Can you spot the slow motion shots too?

Love the camera movement, especially from 1:30 starting with the crane shot from the footwork.

is it yet possible to use optical flow for the slo-mo? Would be great :slight_smile:
Was the footage shot with a 550? thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Well done!

I’ll check your tutorials later. :slight_smile:

I guess there are 2 slow-motion segments in this video, the first one is in 0:28~0:35,another is in 0:58~1:02 transition scene, but this effect you made is more natural than the tracker stabilized shot to me.

By the way, good tutorial too.

Thats both of them yes. I ramped down into a transition then back up to normal speed with the music swell.

I think that the stabilized shot gave some grandeur to the shoot, as I didn’t have a flycam or similar for that dolly shot look. I wanted something that would contrast against the wobble cam that comes later on. And it’s a little tech demo for VSE I guess.

Imitating a dolly shot using tracking was indeed masterfully executed man! Respect
This demonstrates the power Blender has for this kind of work. Without doubt, shooting at 1080p would have helped for this kind of effect. On the other hand, as there’s intense motion involved, I think that shooting at [email protected] would have also helped. Given the 550D shooting modes, there’s always a trade-off involved.

I also liked the slowmo shots and particularly the transitions from normal shots to the slowmo ones. Cutting was also smooth.

Off topic: which lens did you use? It looks kind of flat and I don’t know if that was an explicit stylistic choice or the result lack of lower lens f-stop. I’d also make it a bit more constrasty, but that’s a personal preference. I know how hard it can be to shoot indoors -especially if you’ve got no control over lightning conditions. I shot my son’s first theatrical performance in similar conditions and most of the footage ended up being of garbage quality.

And it’s a little tech demo for VSE I guess.
and we certainly need more of these to demonstrate its awesomeness! Keep up the good work!

Kit lenses only 18-55 and 55-270(I think thats right? Havent owned that one for long) I didn’t really grade it down, just left it in neutral picture style.
I have to admit that the one tool that I use most for timing/cutting is playback accuracy. That is the ability to hit the right frame for an inpoint during playback. In the case of music you can visualise the waveform at least but I was often nudging the strip I cut in after performing an edit.