VSE - Video is Not Being Updated

Hi, I am trying to edit a video for someone and I can’t figure out why the image isn’t showing up in the node editor. I added a “color balance” to the image and adjusted the color but the image (video) just looks the same. What am I doing wrong?


The blender workflow is render->compositor->vse so anything you add to the vse will not show up in the node editor. If you want to work on the video with nodes, you will have to add it with an image node.

Ok, thanks I didn’t realize I needed to add the video using the nodes. I added the video using nodes and created a new window for the VSE but when I select render (F12) the image still doesn’t render or play with the “blue” like I have in the color balance. (see image) Please tell me what I am doing wrong. :frowning:


The nodes must be in ANOTHER scene, so duplicate that over.
Then add that as a scene strip on top of the original strips.

Make sure that in the node scene you have selected Tab Scene/Post Processing - Compositor.
Then in the VSE scene make sure you have selected Tab Scene/Post Processing - Sequencer.

But really those color wheels are already available in the regular release of Blender. Go down to strip properties and look for the color button and turn it on.

Save you a lot of trouble for the same effect.