VSE: What's a sane way to do a sequence of "text slates"

I want to do a (very simple) sequence of “text insert slates” with blender, like having a succession of Power Point slides, black background, some white text on it. What’s a good setup to do so?

I can think of two ways to do it:

  • Have each “slate/card” as a separate image. Add via Add > Image and adjusting duration.
  • Setting up one Scene with a text-object for each slate, and adding these Blender Scenes as strips in VSE.

The problem with 1) is, the slates are “baked” files which I have to edit/compose outside of blender, that’s cumbersome and I’d like to have it all in one self-contained blend file.

The problem with 2) is, scrubbing through my edit gets slow, as blender is effectively rendering the (simple) Scene for each frame preview. But I like being able to just jump into the Scene and adjust the text and having the modification instantly in preview.
Ok, admit it, I’ve got a slow machine here. I tried enabling proxies, but somehow scrubbing still is choppy. Why is having Scenes in VSE so heavy on resources??

I could also think of a setup where I have only one Scene and jump around with camera to make it separate text slides, but this way I can’t edit the segments of the animation as proper singular strips in VSE…

How would you do it?

An image-strip can display a sequence of frames, or just one.

I don’t know which would be the better approach: to build the show in Blender, or to generate components for the show in Blender and assemble them, perhaps in PowerPoint or some equivalent slide-show presentation tool . . .

Top advice - thanks!

Trying the Plug-Ins is still todo, but for now I had great results with OpenGL “proxy” rendering for speedup - which worked right away - while I had no success with actually setting a proxy…

Also, I wasn’t aware of being able to assign different cameras to a Scene strip - via “Camera Override” - which allows me to have only one scene and all the “sub-scenes” within that but still have them on separate strips in VSE.

Much learned. Blender rocks!