VSE won't animate large image sequences?

Hello everyone,

Here is my odd problem and back story.

I decompiled a quicktime video into its component images (I have legal rights to do this, as I purchased the video) and then brightened each image. I wound up with 35,845 images, all nicely numbered from 0 to 35844.

When I went to sequence them into a video, I found a weird problem - “small” sequences, from 250 to 3000 or so, would end up fine. When I chose “avi jpeg”, all my players could handle the animation - quicktime, windows player, vlc, etc. I had no issues.

But when I try to anim the whole sequence, the end result is unplayable in any of the players, even though all that’s changed is the number of images!

I’m frankly scratching my head at this point, and would appreciate any insights.



2 issues.
1)there’s a five digit bug, so you have to render 1-9999 and then 10k-35k, fixed in SVN i think.
2) there’s an OS 2Gig limit on the size of a file. check your compression.

Thanks, PapaSmurf. I tried out the renumbering scheme, and it worked (to a point). The first sequence (0-9999) compiled without any problems, and could be played with any player I chose.

But the SECOND sequence went screwy. When I started the whole “anim” process, I chose as my start and end frames “10000” and “19999”. But for some reason this didn’t work, since only frame 10000 was rendered, all the succeeding frames were black.

So I thought, “mmm, maybe it needs renumbering?” and did that - I made the start and end frames “1” and “9999” respectively, and started over. Everything seemed to render nicely, and I wound up with a nice big file.

But this file won’t play! The only info I get when I try to play it is that the index is somehow messed up.

Gaaah! Sorry to go on like this, but no online or text sources I have even mention this problem!

what does the console say? You have to watch it. sounds like a codec is choking, and the only way it can talk to you is thru the console window.

Well, the console says nothing unusual. Just rendering as always.

ok, put the 1-9999 in a render0 folder, and the 10k+ in a render1 folder. then import as image strips. that worked for me.I think what happens is that if all the images are in the same dir, it pulls in like 10000, 1000, 100001, 1001, or something like that. I reported the bug and Ton is aware.

Hi PapaSmurf,

I did as you said, and it worked! I was able to get a good result by first converting frames 1-9999 into a movie; then I added the completed movie, and then the remaining 25000 image files.

I was also able to add sound, but I cheated a bit. “Bink” is a free program which will pull out sound files, and I used it to get the *wav from the original movie, which I then added to the screen. A bit of fiddling to make sure the files were all aligned, and I was good to go. Then, I used the FFMPEG option for compiling, MPEG-1 as my video choice (stupid Quicktime won’t read anything else!), hit “multiplex” to make sure the sound and images were synced, and then animated.

The result was pretty good. The only remaining issue is that the original was produced at 29.97 fps, but Blender won’t let me use that; I need to choose 29 or 30 fps, and this throws off the timings just a little bit. But it really isn’t critical.

Thanks again for your help.