Hello, I’m Shaun and it’s nice to meet you guys.

I’m new here ( and to the blender community.) so I hope I am posting this in the right section.

I was looking for a good and FREE video editing and compositing software and I stumbled upon Blender. Yes, I know it’s mainly for 3D modelling, but maybe next time I will learn more about 3D.

Now, I’m aware of the basic functions Blender supports for video editing are pretty decent. I could color correct and adjust certain effects.

However, I would want to know if I could have more control over my video. Could I control the hue? The saturation? The levels? I read about nodes, but I can’t seem to have it work on my video. Or is it not implemented yet into the VSE?

Lastly, if I would want to learn 3D modelling in the future, is it possible for me to integrate 3D models into my video?

Thanks in advance. I have slight experience in other softwares like Vegas before for editing, but I want to try to see if I could move forward in this.

Thanks again.

Check out the blog in my sig (below). You can indeed do basic colour correction in the VSE, by activating a strip’s properties panel (N-key) then scrolling down until you find the Filter panel, then check “use color balance”. This will make the 3 colour wheels available, one each for dark, mid and highlights.

hey, I read your blog and it did provide some additional insight.

however, what I was asking was not color correction, I was already able to do that previously. I was thinking about levels and shadows.

can I use the nodes to further edit my videos?

lastly, in the future i would be using a dslr to record my videos. can blender edit those footages from a dslr?

Thanks in advance again.