vSwarm : online RenderFarm for free

vSwarm is an online free RenderFarm based on distributed calculation for 3d rendering (as today for Blender and LuxRender, but more to comes).

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The news in my brazilian blog

Im me there and you?

Mind-boggling. Thanks for sharing the news.

Sharing CPU huh? Well, at my work I might just let the servers share their CPU (Xeon dual cores and quad cores) just for this. Heck, I might just as well let all computers boot up automatically (32 dual cores) for the weekend and shutdown just before working hours on monday, and no one would be the wiser.

@toontje: I think you have to actually have permission to use the computers you install the vSwarm client on to. It is part of the vSwarm client agreement. You are hinting that you would sneakily install the client and “steal” the CPU use for the open source community while not informing those who actually own the computers.


This is very similar to the BURP (Big Ugly Rendering Project) based
on the Boinc client…

Just a thought.



Back In The Day™ I was helping out with build system for a custom linux distro on one of those homebrew PVR set top box things that would be perfect for this (to significantly reduce the 400mb download size) but, alas, no way to get at the good stuff other than to install windows.

Not like vmware only runs on windows or anything…or vmware disk images only run under vmware.

So what? After business hours they are doing nothing anyway. In a couple of years those computers will be part of some landfill and those things that many scientist worked hard to invent, never worked on their full potential.

Does this render farm protect against Intellectual Property theft? Can someone who has this client installed copy my drawings?

I found this after my post. It answered my questions…

Hey spudster,
I am one of the two guys who started vSwarm. All network traffic is encrypted and we are working on a solution to encrypt the source files. As blender needs to render your sorces there will always be at least a part of your file unencrypted in memory. But with encryption it will not be trivial to access the files stored in the virtual machine. The work and time needed to decrypt the files will be much higher and I think most of the source files are absolutely useless for others. So I think this will be a pretty good solution.


How mutch power the vSwarm has?

I have never got nowhere even close to clean render with LuxRender (obviously my bad because i tend to max aut rendering settings and materials).
How about LuxRender insanely slow volumetrics - SSS… [dust fog smoke clouds], is it overkill to reatch to 2500 Samples/pixel and will it look good more or less.

Meelis, please don’t bump old threads. If you have a question for the vSwarm devs, please contact them thru their website.

As to Lux speedups, search out their new GPU-utilization code. Pretty sweet potential, there. What if one could access the GPUs out there in the “cloud”? Getting close to real-time GI? :smiley:

Looks like LuxRender support is down in vSwarm.
And GPU rendering comes for LuxRender 0.8 or soo, now there are only tests with 1 material type (matte) supported. Soo i keep rendering 5,08 S/px per 1 hour.
When i render 16 hours a day then 1000 S/px comes after 12,3 days, not really that bad :eyebrowlift: for my c2d e4500 2,2 GHz.
GPU’s are going to be awesome sooon. :smiley:

I try to pay more attention i threate is old or not, sorry for bump and displace.

Nope, there is also http://www.luxrender.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=3439
Still highly experimental of course, but it’s getting there.

Nice :D:D:D