VTOL Transport (For Short Animation)

I’m working on this Small VTOL for a short animation I’m working on with another animator. Its still its infancy, not all of the mesh is complete, but I’m hopeing by posting here I can get some good feedback to improve the looks. The Cargo is carried in the middle by two large cargo hooks (not completed) and the craft changes flight patterns by rotating the turbines the large blocky area does not have complete detail yet but it contains the power supply for the hooks and turbines, which is why it is fairly large. Anyway any constructive critisim would be appreciated


I would rotate the wings so they are in line with the thrust from the jets. right now it looks like if the jets rotate the wings will be perpendicular to flight. I like the over all look. if this were a real craft I dont think the little wings would be able to produce the lift to keep a heavy load airbourn.(on Earth)