Vue 10


Im curious if there are any plans for a Vue plugin? Or is there a script to
do this type of ecosystem in blender? thanks

I don’t think there are any plans in that direction.

But I’m sure there would be interest if you were willing to start developing a plug-in.

Interest? You are an optimist, my friend, I doubt you’d sell 5 copies. However,
If one of the BF movies needs it, it likely has a good chance.

No, not an optimist but a realist. I’m afraid you do not realize how popular Vue is and how widely used it is becoming in the 3D
and SFX/VFX industries. Right now, Vue is the choice for landscapes and ecosystems.

Actually Im quite familiar with Vue - since about version 4. I’m well aware of its use. However, that doesnt change my opinion
about how many integrated copies with Blender plugin would be sold. { sad to say } I would hope to be proved wrong, though.