Vue 7: More realism, productivity, and speed

The world’s best terrain renderer is back with more speed, productivity, and realism, nothing truly innovative, but some very nice improvements just about across the board of features the program offers.

Vue, I can consider, has some of the most powerful procedural terrain algorithms on the planet, a level of raw power not seen in Blender until Frr brought us his texture node trees. But Blender still does not have ecosystems which has some nice updates here.

CGTalk users are hoping the crashing problems have been resolved, if so, then this could be a good app. to have for people with deep pockets.

The key words as you stated earlier is “deep pockets”. So my laptop with it’s mere 256 meg ram will struggle to run this job even if I could afford the vue. Nev mind. Even as tru-space became free at one stage, so will vue I hope. Keep up the good work programmers of vue.