Vue 9 studio

Any ideas on using this with blender?
So far tried:

-Exporting from blender, rendering in vue: I need to work with animations, and the only thing that could do it is the Collada exporter, but I’m unable to export animations created with IK as the bones have no rotation and the 2.57 Collada exporter doesn’t bake them like the 2.49 did (which doesn’t work for me, but has the option), so it’s unusable. + Vue renderer is slow.

  • Rendering backdrops:

a, Unable to sync cameras, don’t know how to import voodoo or icarus data to blender 2.5. Unable to export camera data to vue, as Studio version doesn’t run python scripts, and unable to import camera data from vue as it doesn’t export it, and as far as I know I’d need infinite to do that (which is crazy, studio and complete are marketed as for 3d artists, basic composition possibilities ARE needed for 3D artists…).
b, unable to use background as rendered as a panorama and mapped inside a sphere, as the objects aren’t fixed inside, so during camera movement they drift on the ground, don’t know how to fix it, without distorting the background itself.

It’s been a very frustrating week, if any ideas, I’d be glad to hear them, thanks.

I think I have to go with compositing, but it seems to work fine.