Vulkan 1.1 released.

Not a blender plugin, but perhaps something that will inspire blender development
Some new kind 3D language to talk to video cards (i believe).
And i believe some Blender developers where active developing it as well.
And it was (is ?) purposed once for blender 2.8 (not entirely sure).

Maybe someone can tell what it could, will or might mean for Blenders future

It is a logical step forward for Blender. The developers decided to upgrade to a newer OpenGL version first which made a lot of sense because the Vulkan was still too new when the viewport project started. The necessary changes automatically brought the code closer to Vulkan anyways.

One thing I saw in the news feed about Vulkan 1.1 was.

… including: simultaneous rendering of multiple image views, use of multiple GPUs in a single system

So maybe even greater performance, since lots of us already have 2 or more graphic cards because of Cycles rendering.