Vuze Port

I’m using Vuze and was playing with my settings and changed my port, little did I know how much that would affect me. So if someone would please tell me which port to use. I have seen all of the lists and I’ve tried dozens, but I need assurance on which TCP & UDP port to use. Please someone. :wink: Helps.

Come on guys. I really could use your help on this one. I’m downloading some user created add ons for blender that will help me with some of my projects and I really need to fix this problem so I can get more than 20kbps. It was 60kbps before I messed with it which was a bad idea.

if you’re getting the stuff at all, then it’s not the port. Bit Torrent sucks. Speed on torrents are determined by how many seeds there are and how many other clients you can connect to. You can use any port you want so long as that port isn’t blocked.

“Typically and by default (though not recommended anymore) port 6881.”

It’s probably not recommended anymore because ISP’s are throttling the typical torrent ports, but I wouldn’t know, honestly.

So as long as you’re not on that port, chances are the issue is related to how many other people are downloading / uploading the files. If it went from 60 to 20, then that’s not really much of a jump. That basically means one guy disconnected. If it had dropped from 600 to 200 or something, that might indicate an issue. I don’t think you have one, tho, and if 60kbps was the max you were getting before, then it’s probably just a lack of people uploading to you that’s the issue.

Also, try utorrent:

I’ve tried several, but never done better than that one.

In case you have ethics.

Ethics. Pssh. Now one more question. I am having tracker connection errors. Anyway you think I can fix that.

Also. I know my max kbps is embarrassing. But right now i live in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. It doesn’t really do anything for me technologically but annoy me. I’m having to get up in the middle of the night and walk outside to reconnect my internet wire because aniimals keep playing with it. It’s hell to get done what I want to get done. Especially with a gf and job. but 60 is the best i got.

Anyway. Tracker Error. Help :slight_smile: