VW Bug

My first car model…well actually, my first car model that I might finish.


Thats looking good so far to me.

wow, very very good modeling :wink:
cant wait to see more

Holy CRAP! That’s good meshing! Can’t wait to see it finished. Make sure you use a good background, you don’t want to ruin a great project.


Nice work… now if you’ll do a 1970 Beetle in light blue, I’ll take it :slight_smile:

Have owned several of these little marvels… but my 1970 was my favorite!

Keep up the good work…


Excellent work, what year are you going for?

It looks like it has a smattering of early/mid 60’s features (headlights, bumpers, window) but some late 60’s details (mirrors, blinkers, door handle).

Only real flaws I can see is the riser on the front bumper didn’t have that outward bend in it, it follows the same curve as the blade. The curve at the bottom of the windshield is a bit bigger than I think it should be too.

I’d guess you’re making a '66, so maybe it’s been restored with some later model parts. :wink:

I bet you’ve started it for BUG Weekend Challenge :slight_smile: It looks very good so far, I’m waiting for updates.

Looks great so far!