VW Campervan

I was inspired to do this by how great VW camper vans look. I created this is cycles then did some minor color management in Gimp, this is my second car, and I have been using blend er for a few years inconsistently. It is pretty much all procedural. It took me around a week straight as I’m pretty slow :grinning: I rendered these at 400 samples with the denoiser, and it took about 25 minutes.

Any questions please ask :slightly_smiling_face:


The model has some shading issues here and there. That spoils the overall appearance. I.e. on the bask arch, on the door and the front panel.

Yeah I saw that, the side and the front of the Campervan have more of a matte finish while the door is highly glossy. I will try some different lighting setups to try and fix this

Here is the new and hopefully improved version rendered at 2000 samples again, I have tried to improve the lighting, and have done some more colour correcting in Gimp

Vw_Campervan_Improved.xcf (1.2 MB)

That looks better.
If you post it as a picture (i.e. export as png or something) more people would see it.

Ok thanks,


Some of the faces on the car are flipped, so you might want to recalculate the normals…

Are you sure your normals are correct? On the raw model it looks like some are turned inwards. That could be why the door and the body looks different.

Ok thanks I will send an updated version

I have recalculated all the normals, and I think the problem is fixed but see what you guys think

Rendered at 3000 samples with the denoiser

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At least it is now consistent. Do you want the blue to be that metallic? By the way, you probably only need 200 samples with the denoiser on.

Thanks for all your feedback, its much appreciated :slight_smile:

I have changed the node setup and made it less metallic, and have rendered at 200 samples with denoiser (much faster, such a time saver thanks)

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Ready to roll out of the factory!

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It’s much better now indeed. Is there some shading issue left with on the faces between the main headlight with the smaller one on top? I see some edge there. Or is it design?
Consider using lattice modifier on the wheels to deform them a little bit under the weight of the vehicle.

Thanks, didn’t notice that ‘edge’, it was actually just a reflection from the HDRI I used, I have now rotated it so that it does not match up with that point anymore. Thanks for the tip about the lattice modifier, I didn’t think about that before.

Thanks for all of you feedback it is all much appreciated, the more the better :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are welcome. And I didn’t do much. I was criticizing. As they say - from 10 students of art-school just 3 turn into artists. The other 7 became art critics :wink:
For the statement: blender has capability to detect potential shading problems. For example in edge select mode go to ‘select’ menu, then ‘Select All by Trait’ -> Loose Geometry. If anything turns selected (aside from the sides :rofl: ) that’s the culprit!

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There needs to be a fill-light to the right of the camera to give some detail on the tires and some definition to the side windows. Likewise we need to see the headlights. The reflection on the front windshield is really too bright. The right-front tire should be slightly visible.

Not sure if this is any better to be honest, I’ve tried a bunch of different lighting setups.

Rendered at 400 samples with the denoiser.

Any more tips would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


looks good just needs a little rust, some big flowers painted on the side and some hippies.
OH … and and the words “Woodstock or BUST” hand painted on the side. lol.

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I added a hippie message to the side and added a surfboard. Actually turned out alright. Did it mainly as a joke really:

Rendered at 400 samples with denoiser