vw scirocco | wip

ANOTHER car model. Just browsing through the vw site came across this stunner. Found that i just had to do it, even if it meant putting my already much delayed WIP CAFE further on hold. Here’s just a beginning:

Hope it turns out well.

good start!
this will be great, i think :wink:

time for updates:

tried to get the basic shape right and some detail in the front bumper.

It is really cool - I like the fact that you put so much effort into detail.

another update. i know i am not working on it as much as i should, job takes too much of my time. might look like a minor update, but the low poly way that i start ensures that there is some pushing and pulling of vertices involved. anyway, here it is:

time for update:

do you think i am done with modelling the exterior? move on to the rnder? or is there still stuff to fix up?

here’s the wheel for an update. onto the brake calipers now.

The bonnet looks like it needs a little work as it doesnt appear to match up to the curve of the headlight which id imagine it should do?

I did a quick google search and from all the variations they all match but there seems to be lots so could just be the version your working too i guess?

Anyways, coming along really nice! That alloylooks quite funky as well. You should add some kind of subtle noise to the metal though as the material doesnt look quite right to me.

yes, the hood near the headlamp did need some tweaking. here’s an update:

have i picked up something really boring this time…where are the comments?

looking great! i really like the realism here. are you planning an interior?

i’d really like to jump in and start modeling my car (suzuki sx4 crossover), but i’ve got too many other logs in the fire :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks, and yes, a basic interior is already in place. i am not planning an interior render of the car, so no point in stuffing in polygons there. more updates to come.

Wow, nice!
How did you model those rims? They look really well done.

Very nice progress so far, only crit would be that some of the seams between panels are a little too wide and obvious, but otherwise it’s really good.


i saw this “tutorial” (i didn’t really read into it), it might help explain the rim process:


no more comments on the model?? should i take it to indigo then?? here’s a quick primer in indigo…feedback please.

Noise is annoying, but I use Indigo and I know how long it takes to get rid of it so thats not really worth pointing out. The spec on the wheelarch panel looks a little weird to me, makes the mesh look bumpy. Everything else looks set for a full size noise free render. So well done.

That’s very good, I was just wondering, I’ve noticed a lot of people model a mesh or grid, (e.g. the radiator grid) object into many of their projects, how to you do that exactly?

i think i saw someone talking about that mesh grid thing in one of the car threads only…don’t remember which one. The way i did it is fairly simple : just add mesh, circle, sides = 6, extrude edges, scale, duplicate, create the basic block, add array modifier, apply it and use lattice to deform.

anyway, while the models cooks in indigo, here is a quick internal render…is there something that needs to be fixed? i dont seem to be too happy with it…:frowning:

The model looks pretty sweet, especially the rims. There is something about the lighting/texturing that seems a little odd, but not obvious enough that I can pin point it.

I agree with scdelf about the last picture. It seems that the model just doesn’t quite fit into the picture. Try doing that parallel-line trick to find the vanishing point. Maybe its that the lines of the render don’t line up with the background image. And considering the street lights in the background I’d make the light on the car more yellowy. But you did just say it was a test while you were waiting… oh well.

But I have to say, the modeling is superb, I absolutley love your attention to detail, as well as you amazing speed. Great work!!