W.I.P. ( apple pro speaker)

I’ve been toying with blender for a few months now and had been stumped as to what I should model.
then I saw this tutorial this morning.

and thought that would be my first project. now Im still a total newb and was wondering if you guys had any tips I could use on making the scene.? I can do the modeling, all the parts for the shell took about 15 minutes. but the scene is what I’m trying at now. here’s my “attempt” so far.


also. how do I get rid of those ugly lines on the walls?

put in a spot light.

here’s my newest attempt at the prospeaker thats in my first posts link.
does anyone have some lighting tips? everything else come out pretty well for my first blend it’s just that I suck at lighting.:o


Try some AO and use the three point lighting system… go to 3dtotal.com for a refrence of what it is dont got an exact link at the moment.

strategoi.thanks for the tip. here’s the image with a far spot and some AO. I tried regular ao and it looked kinda flat but wtih an additional spot it seems to work good. Im not totally done, but that lighting does help. just some tweaks needed on the speaker and Ill be done, maybe render from a different angle.


btw. whats the best method for getting rid of the bands on the walls?
even with the 3pt lighting setup and ao they still appear.