W.I.P. Cute Girl

You could say the first sample in the creation of cartoon characters. I think even the body to make at least half. In the meantime, there are some observations to face? I think hair style for a better mesh do?
Here is the first render, so to test well, and then all with viewport.

A few things that could improve your image is that you could bring the eyes closer together and lower them to about the halfway point on the face. You could also try puffing out and rounding the cheeks more and making the nose and mouth a little bit smaller. So far, it’s a good start, but it could use a few more improvements.

Thanks for the advice

The ears seem set too high & too far back on the skull. Generally they sit vertically about halfway between the brows & bottom of the nose when viewed from the front. The angle of the back of the jaw needs to be steeper, so when you bring the ears forward, modify that as well. Consider more presence to the eyelids, they seem pushed back into the skull by protruding eyeballs.

Thanks for the advice Chipmasque and The Omnilord. I bring the eyes closer together but i don’t lower them, and face turned over to the realistic style.

And next post with screenshots from viewport.

Now it’s looks better?

there is some ape likeness that distract my from every thing else… maybe the placement of the ears, or the mandibular bone… or the curvy nose…
you have sculpting skills, but if you research a little of anatomy and proportions, you will improve drastically.