W.I.P. I´m attempting to make a sky-line by the sea

I have started making skyscrapers and, testing water-stuff, I will also place a double-decker airplane in the air. The picture is going to be sort of toon-sepia-ish. here are some pics:

here is a early rendering, I´m pretty much not pleased with anything in the picture:P the water is very early…It shows some of the design on the sky-scrapers and the airplane of which I am talking.

Here is two sea-tests:

this is the sky-scraper-top in the sepia-ish colour I´m planning on using.

here is two pics of the airplane

I will b grateful to all comments and tips:D


Add a giant gorilla too. :slight_smile:

yeah, think maybe universal studios will love me for that:P

Those water tests look more lice cracked ice than water. Try using a couple of Clouds texture or distorted noise with different sizes and normal values. That works for me :slight_smile:

thanks elek what I´ve done is using node-textures with different kinds of clouds as normal-maps and colour-maps and also mirroring the sky, the crackles was to simulate “foam”-lines(and are also made by clouds(voroni-crackle), but it does not really work in close-ups. Here´s a new test-render I think I will focus my work on other stuff than the water for some time now, after spending a little to much time only on water and water-rendering, but I´m still open to comments on that:D the skyscrapers in this picture is not yet textured, nor finished and they are not supposed to be in the water either. And I´m still planning on using the sepia colour in the final renders.

the water is btw the same as in the close-ups in my first post