W.I.P - marionette

Hi All,

I have decided to make a marionette basic scelet - that would later use for animation. And here is my first render…
Any comments/hints are more than welcome… :rolleyes:


Well, nothing much to say except that it looks like a good start. :slight_smile:
Maybe you could make the 2 little piece of wood (at the ankles level) a bit thicker, they look rather fragile.

some updates…


lol funny idea looks ok

Yeah, if this is to practise animation, then don’t get lost in the details while modeling, most particularly in the joint area’s. If you don’t have a lot of experience rigging it’s gonna be a pain and really de-motivating when you have to redo these area’s that allready look so nice. For all I care use only seperate parts. Look at Cessen’s latest rig, it consists of nothing more than a few extruded cubes, but it works and animates really well. AND it looks good as well.
If you want things like the ankle/shoulder/etc to deform nice, you have to try and see beforehand how they will respond to the bones they are weighted to.
Your ankle may look nice, but I don’t think it will look pretty as is when you animate it.

thanks for the reply - the idea of this project is to move/animate the object at the same way as real marionette…that is why I’m paying attention that all parts looks equivavalent to real marionette.

more updates…


the basic sceleton should be finished. (have to be honest - I have taken the basic model of the head and fingers from makeHuman - then sculped them. I know…:spin:. But would like to focus now more on animation + when would have more time would remodel them - to sleep better :yes: )


first texture renders…


It has eventually turned quite nice. It may be funny to rig him as he really is a puppet.

given the exaggerated size of his head and feet, I think I’d make the hands somewht larger to match better. And if he is a true marionette, wouldn’t the jaw be a separate hinged object?

And if he is a true marionette, wouldn’t the jaw be a separate hinged object?

not that I’ve seen, you might be thinking puppet. marionette is on strings.

Yep, I know the diff, but I had a marionette as a kid and it had a string for the jaw movement as well as the limbs and head. It was a “trigger-pull” type actuator attached to the right-hand thingamabob that moved the hands and head strings. Not a big deal, though.

@framedworld: yes, the strings I will make
@chipmasque: my reference image does not have jaw movable - but I’m thinking about it to make it.