W.i.p. me

its been a while since i posted a w.i.p. here
i am modeling a simple 3d model version of myself
here is where i am at the current time:


well i will keep you all updated.

crits and comments welcome (self portraits too).

Could you post an image of yourself that you are using for a reference so we can see what its supposed to look like. It looks good right now but I can’t say much because I dont know how it is supposed to look.

here is my mugshot per request


well im a newb myselfe so i might be wrong but you should work on the lips just a bit more :wink: but actualy i personaly would first make the whole head then start with the bigger detailing job on the head :stuck_out_tongue:
otherwise its a damn good start ^^, and a good going, keep it up

blend well

~ Felix.

i appreciate the crits, that’s how we grow as artists/modellers, keep them coming

yea i think that the part below your eyes, the bone should be more round and spherical and the lips look somehow weired, perhaps they should be rounder too

cool i will take that into consideration while i work on it tonight

wow thats great

khaled: thanks

well i have updated this project a little

front view


camera(3/4 view)

just been tweaking the head before i get too far more to come soon


Yeah, good start. You could move the blue lines more forward, yellow line upward and loop cut at the purple line. Hope to see more .

thanks for the advice Giangmatrix, it seemed to help the details, will keep everyone posted.

That’s looking superb rexprime; I wish could model a head that well!

yet another update

Danny Darko: you can, this is just trying to memorize ever tutorial you come across.

may i ask are you planning to “build” your whole body or only the head? allso alittle bit of work needed on the irises of the eyes (you probably dont need to be reminded about it but just in case…)

–edit-- um oh sorry did’t notice the last post :o

here is yet another update.

Felix: i am going to model the entire body

after the body is done i am going to be tweaking the details some more, i put a lens over the eye just to see how it would look. the eyes are going to be redone before my i start my long drawn out texture painting session.

will keep you all informed thanks for the crits and input thats how we grow.

here is me playing with the lighting

Going by the pic you attached, it looks like the mandible/maxilla are protruding too far in the model. Everything else looks pretty good, though.

here is a lineup picture for you Iandefor

Really nice topolgy you have there. Giangmatrix pointed out the problem areas above. Thgouh I would like to note the 2 poles you have just before the cheek:


The pole just below the cheek is almost impossible to get rid of, but the other one should be very easy to remove and keep better topology through the eye area.


thank bgdm, i will add that to my list of tweaks