(W.I.P) Milin-The Little Witch - menu update (video)

[LEFT]Milin the little witch is a project of game multiplatform (Linux / Windows) [Mac not yet … no money!]

Style: 3D Platform

OS: Linux / Windows

Roadmap was developed by me and optimized by (Jones Viana - Gamedesigner) or information gprotta.wordpress.com [email protected] Soon more information and download:)

First of all I wish to thank Cray template by [the model used is temporary] and Raiderium the weapon and weapon of gravity. Their claims will be saved








It looks neat. I like the floating platforms style.

As an opinion, I would recommend making the trees a little more complicated, as they only have a few main branches right now (sub-branches are cool)… although that could be a performance issue.
Of course, if you like the ‘simplified’ style of the trees as they are now, leave them the way they are.

It’s always nice to see a template like Cray’s being used to make something new.

The fact that you seem able to play as both first and third person with a smooth switch at any time is also cool.

Looks quite nice–still an obvious WIP. As a simple bit of advice, wait to update us when you have a large update ready please–it generates more buzz when you do so.


Hi Diskette,

happy to see my template is useful :slight_smile:
nice start, I look forward to seeing more in the future.

Be sure to use good interactions with enemies (group attack, different “weapon” ranges), distances seem to be a bit long when running on the long and flat land.

Good luck!