W.I.P. Rasta-Man

I want to show one of the last projects that I started (calmly). It is a RastaMan, made in Blender, obviously :slight_smile: .

What do you think? How it looks?

*edit 28-Jun: Progress AO Render:




Looks good…
Work on the eyelashes again. And also the tear duct is missing. Sclera texture is also needed I feel.
texture the entire thing soon.

Thanks, and sorry for the delay. You’re right in what you say. Moreover it was not a good version.

I have a little left out the project, but leave here some new renders. There is still much left to do.

AO Render:

“Clay” Render:

Wow… that is _a-maze-ing!!!

Jah rules. What you have so far is looking very good. I can’t wait to see the textured version.

This is excellent.

Thanks to all! I hope to continue making advances. I will publish.