W.I.P. Realistic Portrait 2 (under request)

Hello! Here again! My child (7 years old) Is forcing me to do a full body portrait of her, she want me to make her reading a book with a dress and her cat… Oh my goodness!!!


I just made the first rough sculpt, just to block proportions, and the face.
hands and feet is a first time to me… so I’m pushing it it forwards.




The head is ready for retopology.

Nice so far, this could be a fun (but challenging for you) project. Keep it up!

Thanks! I’ll have to put my best… my child knows what she likes haha.

I put a little work in the hands, The very first time that I sculpt some hands, It is rough, but I don’t need more for later re-topology. This time around I plan to use the multi-resolution modifier, to sculpt the mesh while maintaining the low-poly.

Kids are tricky sometimes lol. They are tricky because you can’t say no to them :).

You’re doing great, of course! My only concern is the hands. The retopology phase can be tricky when the fingers are together. Though if it does work out then it would be nice to see your workflow. Looks pretty straight forward.

Well hehe It is going to be my first time for a body re-topology, so I have to learn in the way, but I plan to do the dorsal part, and the palmar part, and then put them together… will see, or maybe I’ll do one finger and then duplicate that and adapt.
I recently start playing with Bsurfaces, so I get soo much quicker. It is going to be fun!

It is possible that some admin erase this images? or it is something I did wrong?

Some update (with a little clothes just in case)
The first pass of sculpt is already done, tomorrow with my child I will see every detail, and correct and enhance some anatomy, and then it will be ready to start retopology.

Some more:

and a close up of the feet:

Looks quite good. When you go in for details, try to hit the area where the arms and torso join, toward the front.

@ RodDavis! I think you where right, I start re-topology, it is my first time with hands, and I was going crazy, so Y separate the fingers, I’ll see now if it is easier.

The nice thing is that I learn a new tool! the mask, it is really useful!!! yo can even hide parts of the mesh!!! you can invert the selection, I see my self using it a lot!
Now I need to refine them a little, and continue with the retopo.

Sculpting always feels so free until you get to retopoing things you aren’t used to lol. I still need to study up on retopology really