W.I.P. Robotic Hand


(Daniel Bachmann) #1

Hi there,
I thought I share this one. I am battling through changes in Blender 2.8 (new collection system and selection update bugs, left click :wink: ) and try out awesome addons like #boxcutter #hardops #batchops and #kitops, a lot of ops :). The only way to learn is to chew through, it is still lot’s of fun !

I work kind of non linear (Coming from Softimage), not the wisest decision but hey, gotta try it out. This means I model, animate and shade at the same time or whenever I want to change something…

The design is inspired by Otomo Katsuhiro, a poster he made. It did not get out of my brain and I had to try modeling it! Let me know what you think. Cheers!

Here some tech details:
I hybrid started the project using Fusion 360 and Blender to see what the benefits or problems during the workflow are. In the end I can establish a pipeline to push data back and forth.

The biggest problem I encountered with exporting meshes from Fusion 360 is that I modelled and rigged the finger but then there was no way to export the hrigged hierarchy/joints/origin points. I worked around and had to place a cube at every rotation point I wanted to use and set up the origins/joints in Blender by hand.

The second problem was that exporting to meshes in Fusion 360 produces different results depending on how and in what format you export. STL, FBX, OBJ are meshed differently and there is a discrepancy in scale too. You can not find any options to control the meshing unless you use the 3D-Printing addon to export to STL.

Lets get to some imagery, all work in progress:

Here is how it started, A thumb…

Then I took it to Blender 2.8 and messed around using an early version of #hardops and #boxcutter

Having fun using #eevee Here you see the base mesh and behind, the detailed one, cut up using #boxcutter

Finger time in Fusion 360

#Evee ftw

Size comparison to check proportion

A little bit of #boxcutter to see the effect on the finger basemesh

Then… #kitops for Blender 2.8 was released! Testing it on a mesh

Time to think about the palm mechanism

Let’s animate a finger

Import the palm

and get the fingers rigged and in place. I have to redo the whole thing again using bones. For now it is all made up from simple parenting.

Some dopeness (What a pain, until i found that animations are saved as actions)

The state as of today. Here I started to fill in rough blocks for the hand mechanism, afterwards I’ll refine the whole thing. Since the imported meshes from Fusion 360. I am still not sure if I just remodel everything in Blender, using the imported meshes as reference. This would give me more control over the mesh quality. That way, the detailing using #boxcutter and #kitops should be easier. Let’s see where it goes from now.

(Daniel Bachmann) #2

Robot Fingah W. I. P. 3D printed part of the thumb. Could not resist… #3dprinting #cetus3d #blender #b3d #hardops #boxcutter #cyberpunk #scifi Cetus3D Users Cetus3D Hard-Ops

(Daniel Bachmann) #3

I have changed the hierarchy and use bones now instead of direct parenting. Let’s see if that helps down the road. I continued to cut the mesh up using #boxcutter
There are some issues with angled surfaces that I’ll have to check how to fix them.

(Daniel Bachmann) #4

More detailing work sone using the newest #boxcutter that has NGON activated again, yeehaw! Next I’ll work more on the thumb, then the palm… I started working my day job and am super tired, atm I can only work weekends as it seems…

#3d #b3d #blender #hardops #boxcutter #scifi #cyberpunk #prosthetics #art #wip #future #modelling

(Daniel Bachmann) #5

I started the weekend sick, my eyes hurt but it did not stop me to add more detail and start rigging. The new collection system in Blender is a strange thing to get used to. I still struggle using it. Good that there is #batchops (when it syncs correctly…).
Here we go for the actual state…