W.I.P. Space Flight

A new pilot in his brand new fighter, decides to take it for a test run… into some asteroids!
any suggestions would help! i plan to redo the cockpit later, to have a chair and pilot inside :smiley: here is the first picture.

like my asteroids? :spin: I’m working on them too!

perhaps make a few more dents in the asteroids, they look a little smooth, even with the texture

try a displacement map on the astroids

as far as asteriod texturing goes, make the texture itself a bit smaller. (make sure the textures are seamless.)

the texture itself is actually seamless, but what is a displacement map?

Displacement mapping allows a texture input to manipulate the position of vertices on rendered geometry.

-Blenderwiki, Displacement Mapping Manual

To read more, visit this link.

Displacement map added, any other suggestions?


good with the displace map but with displacement maps I like to subsurf it just give it a try it just looks better.

subsurfified! and any spaceship comments? http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa238/Fumblez/SpaceFlightIII.jpg?t=1208875536

no ship comments just make more subsurf and make the displacement map smaller not less displacement just a smaller map.

how do i make the map smaller?

is the map from blender or is it a image file if its a blender material like clouds just go to size.

the image is just an outside texture

oh ok you should try using a blender clouds for the displace map or something

where is the size thingy? :spin:

where you upload the image or when you add clouds in the texture button F6 say you add clouds which I sugest for your displacement map change the noise size.

cloud texture and size added, any other ideas?