W/o Antialiased wireframes? or both!

i have seen recent changes to the wireframes and personally i prefer the antialiased ones , to me they’re better which i believe only some CAD programs use them instead of DCCs…some ppl bumped me & claiming that majority prefer aliased ones, so i want to see if that’s true or not.

  • Anti-aliased Wireframes.
  • Aliased Wireframes…

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That should be an option like in most 3d apps.




Preferences > Viewport > Multisampling > 16


Woah great, that’s new that it affects the wireframe of the geometry also. Doesn’t work for edit mode yet, though, it’s still antialiased even with multisampling off, at least in my Blender from Feb 21.

Still, great so far to have non-aa in object mode.

It looks nice. But I don’t consider it essential.