W.O.T : Work In Torture

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Here is a work in progress I’ve made. I’m writing a story that I’m illustrating with 3D pictures and before posting the beginning, I’d like to show you one of the firsts (maybe the first one) pictures.
I hope you’ll like it and some people will be interested by the story. I’ll write it in french and I’ll try to translate it to englsih as I want to put a 2 langages-version but I think my englsih is not good enough to have a fluent result. So, if someone is ready to help me only to correct some of the bad translations I’ll make, it could be nice.

So here is the picture (modelisation amapi, except the chain, all textures and render made with blender)

CeD http://www.graphinc.com

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Cool site, but could we have a link directly to the WIP?


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Here is the link…sorry…



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wow! that looks really nice. it reminds me of that head out of the wall thing I saw. I must try that amapi sometimes. what are the advantages over blender?

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Woha :o

Great modeling & texturing!


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Amapi offers a real undo, a great number of options for the subsurf, cool nurbs modelling and a lot of great tools. Its interface is the opposite of blender but it’s a really really great modeler. With it, I make thing many times faster than with all other softs, and I can model using real units and it’s a really nice things when working for real objects…


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Absolutely stunning work :o I love the texture work on this.

My only suggestion would be to put a little bit more of a scared facial expression, or a pain expression on it. Seems a little too normal for beign hooked up to chains, IMHO.


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I like this one. Great texturing and lightning. Nice arrangement… Very interesting picture…

I can’t really find much to improve, maybe the expression? I would make him more…hmmm… suprised or something. Well it depends on your story of course so what the heck…

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wow!great modelling,and texturing!
its kinda…out there,i like it !
AMAPI?..hmmm i have an old version,but cant do much with it:(
its good to see you back in the forums!


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Shades of H.P. LoveCraft. Nice modeling and textures.

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wow! great pic…awesome scary idea! nnnn i really like the touch of a little toon shading mixed with the realism, great job