Add-ons that extend right-click etc. with pie menu

Pie menu add-on that summarizes frequently used functions by category.

It can be accessed from right click or Shift + S / F / G / T / Q / ctrl + D which is easy to press from the left hand.
By aggregating as a pie menu to a specific key, you do not need to press the enormous and complicated shortcut keys.
It’s one of the add-ons I use most often of all I have created for myself.




Keymap Function
right click Mesh select mode
Right click + Shift Add
Adding frequently used primitives and nodes
Right click + Shift + alt Shading mode switching
Q + alt Editor type switching
Q + Shift + alt Editor type switching(Other)
S + Shift Switch cursor / origin
F + Shift Tools
modifiers add / merge / separate / modeling tools
T + Shift Tools misc
Alignment / parenting tools
G + Shift Select
various selection methods such as selection enlargement / reduction / inversion / each attribute
D + ctrl UV Unwrap

Supported add-ons

The following add-on menus can be displayed.
It works without them, but it’s better to have them.

  • BoolTool
  • LoopTools
  • Hard Ops
  • Tex Tools
  • UVPackMaster2

Explanation of various pie menu

Mesh Select Mode (right click)

  • As in Maya, you can switch the selection mode directly from the object mode state and enter edit mode
  • Possible with UV editor
  • You can access Redo Last

Add Object (right click + shift)

It is a pie menu that I always use when starting modeling.
You can create primitive objects immediately.
In The node editor gives you access to frequently used nodes.

  • Also possible in edit mode
  • Possible with node editor

At the bottom of the topic there is a small icon list where you can access other items.

  • Various lights
  • Lighting objet for Eevee
  • Cross empety
  • Circle primitive
  • Single bone

Shading(right click + shift + alt)

At the bottom of the pie menu there is a small icon list that allows you to access the following items.

  • Automatic smooth
  • Display on top

Pivot(right click + shift + alt + Ctrl)

This will set an existing pie menu as a keymap.

Editor type(Q + alt)

This is a pie menu to be utilized most.
By making it easy to switch between editor types, you can edit comfortably without being tied to the screen.

Editor type switch (others) (Q + alt + shift)

Cursor / Origin (S + shift)

I use a lot of features to place the kernel in the world position and place objects in the kernel position.

  • Set the origin at the bottom of the geometry

Tool (F + shift)

We have summarized the various features that support modeling.
It summarizes the functions to determine mode fair settings and operations such as apply / join.

  • Apply transformation of rotation and scale
  • Convert curves to mesh
  • Combine objects
  • Bevel, Solidify, Array
    • With Hard Ops use option enabled, access Hard Ops function and configure Modifiers.
    • Unlike Sharpen which can be executed from the Hard Ops Q key pie menu or array using manipulators, it can be operated with the adjust Bevel function or mouse movement which does not affect the mesh.
  • Boolean
  • Join BoolTool
  • Requires BoolTool Add-on
  • Difference of BoolTool
  • Requires BoolTool Add-on

Tool misc (T + Shift)

  • Align function
    • Immediately execute XYZ scale 0
    • Immediately execute XYZ scale 0 with active axis
  • Function to make the selected surface flat by setting the scale to 0 with reference to the normal
  • Material link
  • Modifier Link
  • Parent
  • Parent Clear
  • Parent Clear(Keep transform)

Selection (G + shift)

I often make use of the More-select and Less-select features.

UV Expansion (D + Ctrl)

In combination with selection pie menu, high-speed UV Unwrap can be performed.


Release Note

ver 3.0.1 Enhancement of various pie menus


Add Keyboard Table to Add-on Settings

  • -Easy to understand the location of the key map to be added

Add the following to Add (Shift + RMB)

  • -Add a small icon list at the bottom of the pie menu to access the following items
  • -Various lights
  • -Writing object for Eevee
  • -Cross empty
  • -Circle primitive
  • -Single bone

Add the following to Shading (alt + Shift + RMB)

  • -Add a small icon list at the bottom of the pie menu to access the following items
  • -Automatic smooth
  • -Draw in Front

Add the following to Tools misc (Shift + T)

  • -Add alignment function
  • -Immediately execute XYZ scale 0
  • -Immediately execute XYZ scale 0 with active Object
  • -Added the function to make the selected surface flat by setting the scale to 0 with reference to the normal
  • -Modifier Link
  • -Parent
  • -Parent release
  • -Parent cancellation (transform maintenance)

Add the following to Tools (Shift + F)

  • -Connect vertex paths
  • -Recalculate normals
  • -Added option to use Hard Ops
  • -Have access to Hard Ops Modifier Bevel, Thickening, Array Duplication, Curve Bevel Depth Adjustment
  • -Can be enabled from the add-on setty check box

Add the following to UV (Ctrl + D)

  • -[Change] Change the live deployment icon to show the current live deployment enabled status
  • -Add pinning enable
  • -Add pinning disable

# w_pie ver 3.1.0 Minor changes


## UV (Ctrl + D)

  • -Add seam activation
  • -Add Seam Invalidation
  • -Added switching of stretch display to mesh selection mode switching in UV image editor
  • -[Change] Move projection and smart UV deployment to the upper right menu

## EditorType misc (Alt + Shift + Q)

  • -Add area division / join function
  • -You can divide and combine areas without moving the mouse to the screen edge

## Cursor (Shift + S)

  • -“Set origin at cursor position” and “Set origin at center of geometry” now work in edit mode

## Other

  • -[Change] Change add-on category to UI

Tools (Shift + F)

  • -Bug Fixed the problem that Tools (Shift + F) stopped working when Use Hops was disabled.
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ver3.3.0 Made minor menu changes

  • When using an external add-on, enable it by checking
  • In the add-on settings, a button has been added to display the LoopTools menu for tools (Shift + F) and the TexTools menu for UV expansion (Ctrl + D).
  • Added a pivot setting menu at the lower left of the mesh selection switch (right click)
  • Added menu to UV expansion (Ctrl + D)
  • Fix similar selection error for selection (shift + G)