Add-ons that extend right-click etc. with pie menu

There are some pie menu add-ons already, but this is a pie menu that I customized for ease of use.

Blender is CG software based on operations that use many shortcuts.
Certainly the most frequently repeated important operations are faster if performed from the key.
But, It is hard to use keys that are hard to press and keys that are only occasionally used.

In this add-on, I narrowed down the keys to be operated, set the pie menu to an easy-to-access key from the left hand, and summarized the functions used by that pie.
You will not release your hand from the mouse and hit the P key, U, J, etc.

In particular, it is used in many cases because the basic operations such as mesh mode switching, editor type switching, and object addition are faster.


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  • Right Mouse
  • Right Mouse + Shift
  • Right Mouse + Shift + Alt
  • Right Mouse + Shift + Alt + Ctrl
  • Alt + Q
  • Alt + Shift + Q
  • Shift + S
  • Shift + G
  • Shift + F
  • Shift + T
  • Ctrl + D

Use Add-ons

It works without this, but better with it.

  • Boolean tool
  • Loop tool
  • Hard Ops

Explanation of various pie menu

Mesh Select Mode (right click)

  • As in Maya, you can switch the selection mode directly from the object mode state and enter edit mode
  • Possible with UV editor
  • You can access Redo Last

Add Object (right click + shift)

It is a pie menu that I always use when starting modeling.
You can create primitive objects immediately.
In The node editor gives you access to frequently used nodes.

  • Also possible in edit mode
  • Possible with node editor

At the bottom of the topic there is a small icon list where you can access other items.

  • Various lights
  • Lighting objet for Eevee
  • Cross empety
  • Circle primitive
  • Single bone

Shading(right click + shift + alt)

At the bottom of the pie menu there is a small icon list that allows you to access the following items.

  • Automatic smooth
  • Display on top

Pivot(right click + shift + alt + Ctrl)

This will set an existing pie menu as a keymap.

Editor type(Q + alt)

This is a pie menu to be utilized most.
By making it easy to switch between editor types, you can edit comfortably without being tied to the screen.

Editor type switch (others) (Q + alt + shift)

Cursor / Origin (S + shift)

I use a lot of features to place the kernel in the world position and place objects in the kernel position.

  • Set the origin at the bottom of the geometry

Tool (F + shift)

We have summarized the various features that support modeling.
It summarizes the functions to determine mode fair settings and operations such as apply / join.

  • Apply transformation of rotation and scale
  • Convert curves to mesh
  • Combine objects
  • Bevel, Solidify, Array
    • With Hard Ops use option enabled, access Hard Ops function and configure Modifiers.
    • Unlike Sharpen which can be executed from the Hard Ops Q key pie menu or array using manipulators, it can be operated with the adjust Bevel function or mouse movement which does not affect the mesh.
  • Boolean
  • Join BoolTool
  • Requires BoolTool Add-on
  • Difference of BoolTool
  • Requires BoolTool Add-on

Tool misc (T + Shift)

  • Align function
    • Immediately execute XYZ scale 0
    • Immediately execute XYZ scale 0 with active axis
  • Function to make the selected surface flat by setting the scale to 0 with reference to the normal
  • Material link
  • Modifier Link
  • Parent
  • Parent Clear
  • Parent Clear(Keep transform)

Selection (G + shift)

I often make use of the More-select and Less-select features.

UV Expansion (D + Ctrl)

In combination with selection pie menu, high-speed UV Unwrap can be performed.


Release Note

ver 3.0.1 Enhancement of various pie menus


Add Keyboard Table to Add-on Settings

  • -Easy to understand the location of the key map to be added

Add the following to Add (Shift + RMB)

  • -Add a small icon list at the bottom of the pie menu to access the following items
  • -Various lights
  • -Writing object for Eevee
  • -Cross empty
  • -Circle primitive
  • -Single bone

Add the following to Shading (alt + Shift + RMB)

  • -Add a small icon list at the bottom of the pie menu to access the following items
  • -Automatic smooth
  • -Draw in Front

Add the following to Tools misc (Shift + T)

  • -Add alignment function
  • -Immediately execute XYZ scale 0
  • -Immediately execute XYZ scale 0 with active Object
  • -Added the function to make the selected surface flat by setting the scale to 0 with reference to the normal
  • -Modifier Link
  • -Parent
  • -Parent release
  • -Parent cancellation (transform maintenance)

Add the following to Tools (Shift + F)

  • -Connect vertex paths
  • -Recalculate normals
  • -Added option to use Hard Ops
  • -Have access to Hard Ops Modifier Bevel, Thickening, Array Duplication, Curve Bevel Depth Adjustment
  • -Can be enabled from the add-on setty check box

Add the following to UV (Ctrl + D)

  • -[Change] Change the live deployment icon to show the current live deployment enabled status
  • -Add pinning enable
  • -Add pinning disable

# w_pie ver 3.1.0 Minor changes


## UV (Ctrl + D)

  • -Add seam activation
  • -Add Seam Invalidation
  • -Added switching of stretch display to mesh selection mode switching in UV image editor
  • -[Change] Move projection and smart UV deployment to the upper right menu

## EditorType misc (Alt + Shift + Q)

  • -Add area division / join function
  • -You can divide and combine areas without moving the mouse to the screen edge

## Cursor (Shift + S)

  • -“Set origin at cursor position” and “Set origin at center of geometry” now work in edit mode

## Other

  • -[Change] Change add-on category to UI

Tools (Shift + F)

  • -Bug Fixed the problem that Tools (Shift + F) stopped working when Use Hops was disabled.
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ver3.3.0 Made minor menu changes

  • When using an external add-on, enable it by checking
  • In the add-on settings, a button has been added to display the LoopTools menu for tools (Shift + F) and the TexTools menu for UV expansion (Ctrl + D).
  • Added a pivot setting menu at the lower left of the mesh selection switch (right click)
  • Added menu to UV expansion (Ctrl + D)
  • Fix similar selection error for selection (shift + G)